mardi 25 août 2009

OpenvSwitch about to be ready and Storage Multipathing tests

Cisco Nexus 1000V's Competitor is being finalized. I admit (shamefully) misled myself by mounting a Xen 5.5 platform @ home in my garage to get an idea of the thing. The result is very nice but I still much prefer the ergonomics, interoperability and reliability of the Cisco product.
I have the opportunity to play with real iSCSI multipathing on external storage, something unfortunately not possible to perform on the vSphere, blame not attributable to the product quality remains, but to political conditioning probem opening APIs vStorage which seems reserved primarily and exclusively to the 'casa madre' until 2011. They don't care about requests (even legitimate) from customers..Is it the end of VMware's indepedence for a product that would be open? Imagine what would happen @ the same publisher if for example a Sun / Oracle refused the company to access to the latest Java? What a pity for SpringSource's acquisition. The fact is that Microsoft is (finally) much more open and transparent and in any case, other hypervisors have better performances in access and redundancy on all storage that vSphere ! VMware is becoming proprietary but this is not what customers want so far ...

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